Rental Life Made Easy

Rental Life Made Easy

Read neighborhood news, Learn your rights, Write an apartment review, Schedule and assign chores, Ask your neighbors questions, Request repairs, Split bills, Manage your shopping list, Connect with your tenant association, Request a housing inspection, Set up repeating reminders
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Learn your rights, get neighborhood news, and schedule household reminders. The ultimate renter app is 100% free.

What Can You Do With RenterPeace?

RenterPeace is a free website that provides information and tools to make every part of renting easier.

Join Your Community

#1 Social Media Just for Renters

A social network for communities – share stores, ask questions, and see news from neighborhood blogs. The “social guestbook” feature allows you to see what previous tenants at your apartment have posted, giving you the history of your apartment and neighborhood.

Hold Your Landlord Accountable

“Best of legal apps” – ProductHunt

Learn your rights, write reviews in your guestbook, document repairs, and more. It’s designed by lawyers to bring accountability to landlords.

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Stay Organized

Track your bills, chores, and shopping.

The RenterPeace smart assistant makes it easy your house in order. See analytics on your to-dos, auto-assign chores, and split bills with roommates. It even suggests what you should add next!

Landlord Features

It’s Even Better With the App!

All features are available on the web and free mobile apps. Keep RenterPeace in your pocket to get app notifications and more.

The Social Guestbook and Smart Assistant


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Renterpeace maintains an extensive law library with over 500 articles answering nearly 3000 landlord-tenant law questions, with information for all 50 states and DC. Click here for the full list of categories.

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