Smart assistant for legal help, productivity, and bills


Smart assistant for legal help, productivity, and expenses

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How it works

Just download the app and type. RenterPeace automagically detects what you’re trying to do and helps with everything from remembering to take out the trash to dealing with a leaky roof.

Legal Help

Big or small, RenterPeace helps you get problems fixed faster. Tap here for more info.

Legal Help and Repairs

Renterpeace provides legal info for your jurisdiction, customized checklist for fixing problems, document issues, notify landlord, report problems, chat with tenant association, and more.

Todos and Errands

Todo and shopping lists specifically optimized for renters. Tap here for more info.


RenterPeace can auto-assign chores, schedule repeating tasks and shopping items, send reminders via app notifications or emails, and more. Great for solo and group tenants to never forget laundry or dishes.


Easy way to track your bills and split expenses. Tap here for more info.


Track bill and expense. Split them with your roommates or significant other with a single tap. When you check off shared items from your shopping list, we automatically ask you if you want to split those costs.

It’s all free

“Best of legal apps” on Android and iOS


“Great app, simplifies the renting experience and connects renters with landlords and roommates. Runs very smoothly as well, love the search functionality.”

Android Reviewer

“RenterPeace can help you deal from taking out the trash to dealing with eviction notices. It can even give you suggestions on how to deal with bad roommates!”

DC Tech Meetup

“This app got me through debate with roommate about chores. I don’t need to worry about my life anymore. Very intuitive and user friendly.”

iOS Reviewer

“RenterPeace is the ultimate apartment manager.”

Startup News

The Renter’s Smart Assistant


Renterpeace maintains an extensive law library. Login to see more applicable laws to your jurisdiction and get access to tools to help with each stage of getting a problem fixed (learn the law, document the problem, notify, remind, etc.).

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