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Apartment Reviews and Ratings

More apartment reviews than any other website, based on both user submissions and housing inspection reports. 

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The Social Guestbook

Stories are more objective than rants. See when a previous tenant asked for advice about an apartment fire or read their story about a haunting by the 3rd floor ghost.

Inspection Histories

Learn the true history of an apartment from its inspection scores and notes. Updated daily or weekly as available. In certain regions only.

Unbiased Reviews

Powerful fraud detection help prevents fake entries. Read detailed, helpful information and submit your own.


Ratings in over half a dozen categories to learn about more about the quality of an apartment, its neighborhood, and more.

It's Even Better With The App!


Best of legal apps on Android and iOS


Millions of renter stories, ranging from housing violations to neighborhood news

Features automatically adjust to your region, including legal articles, local news, and nearby non-profits.

Easily find what you're looking for with our smart search. Just describe nearly any problem in your apartment.

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