Open Positions


We are not actively searching for applicants for any paid positions, but please reach out if you believe you’re interested in our mission and think you’d be a good fit. We’ll keep your application on hand for when we are ready. All job applications or inquiries should be submitted to


Legal Intern

Work directly underneath our CEO/attorney in helping make landlord-tenant law more accessible and streamlined. You’ll research state and local laws in various states, connect with trades and other attorneys in the landlord-tenant space, and learn first hand how a legal industry can become disrupted by technology. The core project will be researching interesting landlord-tenant laws and writing blog posts and legal memos. You’ll also learn about startup law, including how legal ethics applies to emerging technologies, intellectual property law, business transactions and partnership agreements, taxes, and more. We’re looking for rising 2Ls and 3Ls and require a writing sample as part of your application.

All internship applications or inquiries should be submitted to

Workplace Culture

RenterPeace’s core mission is founded on a principle of helping those in need. We believe this applies to all people, both in the world and within our company’s walls. We’re currently a tiny organization but we started from day one with a commitment that we’ll always maintain an inclusive, respectful culture. This means zero tolerance from the chief staff for harassment or discrimination. Obviously, this includes explicit statements and actions against women, minorities, religious affiliations, disabilities, sexual orientations, and the elderly. We go beyond that by rejecting the “tech bro” culture in Silicon Valley and any similar environments that encourage more subtle forms of discrimination. We also include similar guidelines and rules for our users, prohibiting discrimination on our services’ chatrooms and forums. We always strive to create a more inclusive, diverse, and understanding world, starting with ourselves.