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RenterPeace is free. Our features do three things: Save you money, save you time, and reduce your tenant turnover.

Before You Log In:

Tenants can log in and track their issues before you even sign up. Our system will notify you in a way that saves you both time. It’s all about bringing peace between landlords and tenants.

Smart Notifications

Learn about the problems in your apartment units. We organize them and limit repetitive notifications. [read more=”Details…” less=”Hide”]

Tenants track their apartment problems on their phones and ask RenterPeace to notify you. Our smart notification system makes sure you’re informed but not overwhelmed. We limit how many emails and texts you get from RenterPeace on behalf of tenants – no more duplicate messages from roommates. We automatically prioritize the top issues for you. And, we send you occasional updates on serious issues until they’re fixed.

Simply having a robust maintenance system reduces tenants’ anxiety. It makes them feel like their messages haven’t been lost or forgotten. And when tenants feel comfortable, they tend to stay longer, complain less, and generally cause fewer issues.


Avoid Arguments

We manage tenant expectations by letting them know when it’s not your responsibility to fix something. [read more=”Details…” less=”Hide”]

Tenants tend to believe landlords are required to do more than are. But RenterPeace manages their expectations by showing them the law.

For example, most tenants think landlords are required to fix most appliances, even though that’s not the case unless the lease says so. When they complain about a broken fridge, it’s far less confrontational for them to find out on a neutral platform than during a heated phone call. Anger and yelling sour the landlord-tenant relationship. RenterPeace reduces annoying arguments – and your stress level.


Apartment Scores Help You Retain Tenants

Apartment scores quickly show you which units carry the highest risk of tenant turnover. [read more=”Details…” less=”Hide”]

Our dashboard includes an apartment score for each unit. The score is based on how many issues an apartment has, how severe they are, and how long they’ve been there. It runs from 0% (an apartment that’s basically destroyed) to 100% (an apartment with no problems). When we send you notifications, we show you the apartments with the lowest scores – and the highest risk of tenant turnover — first.

This helps you focus on the apartment that need the most attention. The fewer tenants move out, the fewer background checks you’ll have to perform and the less of a chance you’ll end up with problematic tenants. Keep your rental income high by keeping vacancies low.


Reduce Roommate and Neighbor Problems

House rules and tenant chat helps tenants resolve issues with roommates and neighbors on their own. [read more=”Details…” less=”Hide”]

Even if you do everything right, roommates and neighbors can still fight, dragging you into their drama and causing tenants to move out. We mitigate that with tools to bring roommates and neighbors together. We help roommates set house rules about things like guests and dishes.

Tenants also have a chatroom with their co-tenants. This helps them work out disputes on their own.

It all happens on the tenant dashboard, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll help manage these relationships for you and save you the cost of problems outside your control.


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Advanced Maintenance Tracking

Automatic prioritization of issues, detailed status information, and roommate collaboration. [read more=”Details…” less=”Hide”]

Most maintenance tracking systems cost hundreds or thousands of dollars annually. RenterPeace is free. And we offer more advanced features.

We automatically prioritize issues by severity so you know where your attention should go on a limited budget. We also offer detailed status information. For example, tenants may mark as issue as “Temporarily fixed” or “Issue stopped for now but may return”, – way more informative than a simple “Fixed” or “Needs attention.”

Roommates work together on tracking the maintenance issues for their apartment. Having multiple people update the status of the same issue helps ensure that you stay updated on the latest developments to a leaky roof, bed bug infestation, or other problem – without annoying repetitive notifications.

You’ll also keep tenants better informed of the status of your fixes, without repeating yourself to roommates who don’t communicate well.


Personalized Legal Compliance

Instantly see the laws applicable to a specific apartment problem. [read more=”Details…” less=”Hide”]

Next to each maintenance issue is a “Solve” button. It shows you the relevant laws for that problem, based on the type of problem and jurisdiction. For example, if it’s an issue relating to a broken window, we’ll show you the local law about fixing it. If we haven’t yet analyzed the laws for your city, we’ll show you the state or federal law. We don’t provide legal advice or serve as a replacement to legal services, but we help save you the headache of researching the law yourself.

Below the law is a comment section for landlords. That means if another landlord has figured out the law for your area, or offers practical tips on responding to tenant complaints, you’ll see it. Our comment voting mechanism means you see the most informative tips first.


Grants and Financial Assistance

We show you grants and financial assistance programs in your area. [read more=”Details…” less=”Hide”]

Landlords, especially in major cities, may have access to grants and other financial assistance to help support social policies. For example, some cities provide grants to landlords who house veterans. Some cities offer financial assistance if tenants cause more damage to the property than can be covered by the deposit.

Landlords often don’t know about these programs, especially when they operate out of state or have multiple properties in various jurisdictions. We tell you about programs you’re eligible for, helping you save money and keep your tenants happy.


A Better Chat

Our chat automatically adds and removes people based on who needs to be involved, while protecting privacy. [read more=”Details…” less=”Hide”]

Communicate directly with tenants in an apartment without having to forward emails and texts to new tenants or worry about updated contact information. As tenants move in and out, they easily join in on your announcements. That means when a new tenant moves in, they know when you’ve sent someone to fix their water pressure, or that there will be a fire drill. You’ll even see who’s read which messages.

The same applies for landlords – as new landlords and maintenance workers take and lose control of an apartment, the tenants tell us who needs to be notified and who needs to be removed.

We make it very easy to send an announcement to all your RenterPeace tenants. Our messaging is designed to keep communication organized and updated, and protect everyone’s privacy, in tenant-landlord relationships.


Instant Signup Process

Tenants input all the information needed, so you skip the forms. When they invite you, you’re already seconds away from your full dashboard. [read more=”Details…” less=”Hide”]

No need to spend five minutes per apartment unit, tracking down each tenant’s contact information and filling out forms for each apartment. Signup is instant if your tenants have already joined, or you can add a tenant by their email.

Unlike most property management systems, chances are that when you sign in, a lot of your apartments, tenants, and issues will already be in our system. If not, enter the tenant’s email and we’ll have them fill out the details. It couldn’t be faster or simpler.


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