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We Notify You of Apartment Problems

Tenants track their issues on RenterPeace before you sign up. We send you notifications that summarize and prioritize apartment issues for you, timed so they don’t overwhelm you. Learn what’s happening in your apartment units without lifting a finger.

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I didn’t sign up for this, why did you send me an email or text?

Your tenants logged into RenterPeace and are using our system to track their problems and notify you. We make tenants’ lives easier by drafting an email or text message on their behalf and sending it to you. We reduce the amount of notices landlords normally receive by summarizing the issues, eliminating duplicates, and helping roommates coordinate their efforts. Structured communication means less work for you. If you’re not a landlord or otherwise are receiving these messages in error, let us know and we’ll investigate.

I already use a maintenance tracking system or property manager.

If you received a notification from us, your tenants asked us to notify you with our system and prefer tracking their issues with us. Signing in will give you access to all the details. Unlike most other maintenance tracking systems, we offer:

  • 100% free maintenance tracking for unlimited properties and unlimited tenants
  • Conflict reduction by managing tenant expectations and helping you with compliance, finding grants, and more
  • Reputation protection by letting you manage and control your apartment scores

I’m a property manager, not a landlord.

RenterPeace is designed for landlords and property managers. We refer to both as “landlords” as a shorthand. RenterPeace is great for anyone who needs maintenance tracking and property management tools.

How do I sign up?

Log in today and add your tenant. If your tenants added you, check your inbox for instructions on how to sign in.

Is it really free?

Maintenance tracking is 100% free for unlimited properties! We primarily make money through ads, other property management services (e.g., tenant screening), and premium features for power users.