How to Hold Landlords Accountable

All it takes to become a landlord is to own property. While many tenants have to undergo a credit check just to live somewhere, you never see such transparency from landlords. But, there is a simple way to hold landlords accountable! It can be as easy as just telling your story.

Learn Your Rights

Learning your rights on your own is normally tricky. Try Googling your problem and most of the results will be law firm blog posts that intentionally make the law complicated to make you feel like they’re the only ones that can explain it to you. But RenterPeace makes it easy and free. Just visit the RenterPeace law page and search for your problem – no login required. You’ll instantly see laws targeted for your jurisdiction. The app will guess your region based on your computer’s location – you can log in to tell the app where you live and get better answers. It’s one of the most comprehensive sources for landlord-tenant laws on the web, covering over 50 scenarios in numerous states and cities. It not only covers the typical leaky faucet but also harassment by landlords, disruptive neighbors, and even discrimination. Best of all, you’ll see all your options and some tools to help you use them – from withholding rent until the problem is fixed to requesting an inspection from the housing authority. Never feel helpless again.

Contribute to Your Social Guestbook

You share your crazy rental stories with your co-workers and friends. But you should be sharing the story with others who have similar problems – those who have been through a similar situation and can help. RenterPeace offers the world’s first “social guestbook” just for renters – an anonymous smart forum that you can use to post stories. Tell your story and you get answers – both from the community and from RenterPeace’s massive law library (the app suggests applicable laws and tools to help with your situation).  It’s the best place on the Internet to find answers to your rental problems and it’s completely free. Vent where it matters. As you’ll see next, these guestbook posts will safely be placed into the apartment’s history for the next potential tenant, so they can avoid your same experience. You win. They win. And the landlord is held accountable.

Get Apartment Reviews

There’s no great place on the Internet to post or read an apartment review. The few sites that offer apartment reviews jeopardize the user’s privacy in the process, so few tenants are likely to post anything. If you’re in danger of getting kicked out, why would you post a public review at the address online, easily discoverable by your landlord? RenterPeace solves this problem with the social guestbook. You can safely vent anonymously today – your address is not exposed until AFTER you move out, preventing those awkward fights. Of course, your name and other personal details are never revealed – just that “a previous tenant at this address asked about… “.  Think of it as a CarFax for apartments – you see a long diary exposing the timeline of events that brought you to the building you’re looking at today. Because this is an ongoing guestbook and not a site for one-time reviews – you’ll see higher quality information that exposes both the good and bad. Don’t let slumlords keep getting away with it. Renters can help renters. Join RenterPeace and share your story.




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