What You Need to Know Before Moving to a Big City

If you’re moving to a big city for the first time, you’re probably excited. That’s because you should be! You’re about to experience more art, culture, diversity, and sensory overload than ever before, and it’ll surround you constantly. Follow these tips to make sure you spend more time enjoying your new surroundings and less time stressing out.

Get rid of a bunch of stuff. Then, get rid of more.

You’re about to move into a much smaller home, and then spend much less time in it, than you used to. Pack accordingly. The more you can pare down your belongings, the less time and money you’ll spend moving, and the easier your new digs will be to set up.

Don’t be shocked if your moving date draws dangerously close and you still don’t have a place.

As Alice noted on her first trip out of her small town, “People come and go so quickly here!” Many big-city landlords don’t even start posting rental listings until 30 days before the move-in date. While you may be used to having an apartment lined up a few months in advance, you might not see your big-city rental until a couple weeks before you sign the lease and move in.

Don’t be surprised by apartment problems – even if you’re paying top dollar.

If you pay extra for a luxury apartment, you might reasonably expect not to have to deal with leaky faucets or malfunctioning appliances. Which is why many residents find themselves surprised and disappointed when they wait days or weeks for routine maintenance of their sparkling, renovated units. But be prepared to advocate for yourself, even if you spring for a swanky place. RenterPeace can help.

Make the effort to make friends.

You’d be shocked how lonely it can get when you’re surrounded by a swarm of people 24/7. Head off the first-year loneliness early. Love yoga? Go to a class in your neighborhood, then chat with the instructor. Notice you have a lot in common with a co-worker? Ask them out to lunch. Look for opportunities to introduce yourself to folks in your neighborhood, or join clubs related to your interests. With an active social life, big city life can feel as friendly as a small town, but with all the culture and excitement of a major metropolis.


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