Miami-Dade County requires landlords to accept vouchers from tenants, but other localities in Florida do not. Click here for the latest updates.

Voucher Policy

Landlords cannot deny tenants an apartment (or otherwise discriminate against them) based on the fact that their income (or part of their income) comes from government financial assistance programs including Section 8 vouchers. Aside from denying an application, landlords cannot charge voucher holders more, segregate them to a different section of a building than non-voucher holders, or provide them different services or amenities from non-Section 8 tenants. Fla. Stat. 760.23 , Fla. Stat. 760.37 , Fla. Stat. Sec. 760.23 .

Enforcement and Reporting Problems

Enforcement is handled by the local government of Miami-Dade County. Tenants should report problems and see details with that locality’s law. The localities that offer such protections are changes quickly, so please check the latest information. Secondary sources like Wikipedia and the Affordable Housing Online do a good job of keeping updated records on the status of the policy across the US.