There is no explicit law in Louisiana, its major cities, or counties regarding whether landlords can implement a policy of not accepting vouchers or tenants receiving government assistance to pay rent. However, some courts have ruled that doing so violates the Fair Housing Act and similar laws.

Discrimination Against Families and Minorities

Most of the time, landlords are free to deny voucher holders as a rule where there is no direct rule against it. However, a few courts have held that discrimination against voucher recipients (e.g., a “No Voucher” policy) violates anti-discrimination laws (see the Fair Housing Act and the corresponding state law of Louisiana). This is because a majority of voucher recipients are minorities and families and so such a policy has a discriminatory impact on those protected groups. While rare, it’s becoming increasingly common. To be on the safe side, landlords should avoid no voucher bans. See Wikipedia for more details.


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