RenterPeace – About Us


Transparency in the rental world makes life easier for renters and landlords alike.


Making renting easier is more than a matter of convenience. Renters frequently have shoddy apartments, face challenges in continually adjusting to new neighborhoods, and struggle to stay organized between moves all while coordinating with roommates. These stresses and troubles can lead to evictions, fights with roommates, and ominous stressors that affect work and day-to-day life. Renters collectively have information about apartment histories to improve renting for everyone. We connect renters and bring transparency to the renting world to make the rental life easier and more enjoyable.


Most rentals are not run by corporate conglomerates. Landlords tend to own only a handful of properties and often as a second job with tight margins. The job involves keeping track of compliance obligations, answering tenant repair calls, and managing risky tenants. It’s easy to be blindsided by the investment. RenterPeace helps take away the stress of being a landlord with a free property management platform. Being a landlord just became simpler and hands-free. Own in peace.