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Our Mission

The RenterPeace mission statement is simple: Liberation.

Helping Renters

Making renting easier is more than a matter of convenience. Renters frequently have shoddy apartments, face challenges in continually adjusting to new neighborhoods, and struggle to stay organized between moves all while coordinating with roommates. These stresses and troubles can lead to evictions, fights with roommates, and ominous stress that affects work and day-to-day life. To help liberate renters, we offer a robust website with information as well as web and mobile apps providing tools to help with nearly every problem facing renters. All our features are made accessible through a smart assistant and powerful recommendation engine.

Helping Landlords

Landlords with less than five properties manage a majority of apartments in the US. Many are not “professional” landlords – they may be unaware of compliance obligations and cannot afford expensive property management tools to help them coordinate maintenance and communication. Landlords and small property managers end up burdened by their investment, fearful of non-payment of rent and legal issues. RenterPeace offers landlords a free property management platform that makes being a landlord more streamlined and hands-free. Own in peace.


Our History

September 2018 – RenterPeace staff has been hard at work on version 2.0, which includes a revamped interface for bills and the to-do list. It’s planned to be released in October.

August 2018 – RenterPeace adds the Social Guestbook, a feature which allows users to incrementally review their apartment, ask legal questions, and participate in a tenant community, localized to their region.

July 2018 – RenterPeace adds recommendations, integrations with our website homepage, more features available prior to logging in, and a simpler sign up process. RenterPeace voluntarily hires an independent security tester to help reveal any potential weak points.

June 2018 – Our staff visits the Pacific NW to meet with housing people. RenterPeace is opened internationally and updated with a smart assistant search bar and significant improvements to the expense splitting interface.

May 2018 – RenterPeace enables app notifications, adds a unified to-do list to the tenant and landlord dashboards, and improves of the interface for ease-of-use.

April 2018 – ProductHunt selects RenterPeace as a “Best of” app for the categories of Legal Android Apps and Legal iOS Apps.

March 2018 – Android and iOS app launched. We travel to Colorado to meet with housing people. We add shopping list functionality.

February 2018 – Legal information for 65+ categories of US law are released. RenterPeace adds a to-do list and expense splitting system for tenants. We also add numerous new features for landlords, like tracking rent of their properties.

January 2018 – We research US federal laws and develop new productivity features for households.


November 2017 – The beta version of RenterPeace is released publicly.

September 2017 – We meet with California housing commissions, attorneys, and non-profits. An alpha version of RenterPeace is released privately.

June 2017 – We started showcasing RenterPeace to attorneys, non-profits, and housing commissions, especially in the DC area. Our terms of service, privacy policy, and other legal documents are completed, along with a design plan that ensures legal compliance while providing legal information to tenants.

May 2017 – Both co-founders commit to RenterPeace full-time. Development started on the initial design for RenterPeace, a maintenance tracking system that connects users with targeted legal information. The plan includes the ability for tenants to communicate with roommates and landlords/property managers.

April 2017 – Initial design for the web app is completed. The RenterPeace website and branding are created. Staff started speaking to other app experts and exploring rental markets internationally, including visiting countries with high and low rental rates to speak with locals.

Jan 2017 – After researching the market for renter-related solutions, the need to solve renter issues is selected as the primary mission of Missing Wilbur. Missing Wilbur LLC is reincorporated as RenterPeace LLC. We begin planning potential web and mobile app designs.


June 2016 – Missing Wilbur LLC was founded, an app development company experimenting with technologies to build innovative apps, including fitness tracking, blockchain technology, and renter related issues.

Coming Soon

We’re working on making it easier for non-users to view legal help information and for logged-in tenants to tell their renter story. We’re also working on making it easier for landlords to use RenterPeace as their primary property management system.

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