Our Mission

Our Mission

The RenterPeace motto is simple: Liberation.

Helping Tenants

After visiting many major cities and speaking to both tenants and housing authorities, we found that tenants are almost universally helpless in when there’s a problem in their apartment. Landlords tend to hold all the cards, there’s no transparency or accountability, and tenants have few resources to help themselves resolve these problems. Tenants often have no alternative to renting because the cost of buying homes is rising. Meanwhile, tenants rarely know their rights and many cities don’t even have a single private lawyer to help them – it can be impossible to find help. RenterPeace helps fix all of this. We inform tenants of landlord-tenant laws, provide tools to document issues and get help get problems fixed faster, and notify landlords in a way that doesn’t escalate conflict. We know how stressful and frustrating it is to have any problem at home, from a broken faucet to bad water. We work to give tenants the tools they need to achieve a stable and secure home.

Helping Roommates and Solo Renters

Most of the time, roommates are not a choice. Having roommates is necessary in expensive cities and the cost of moving when there’s a bad roommate can be out of reach, or impossible when a name is on the lease. Sharing a living space is deeply personal and it’s easy for problems to arise, but roommates are forced to make it work somehow. RenterPeace helps manage nearly every aspect of sharing a home – from chores, to shopping, to bills. We designed our system to minimize conflict while keeping each roommate accountable for their share of managing the apartment. It’s the easiest way to make living with other people stress-free and organized.

In addition, we’ve found many of the same tools are helpful to solo renters. Everyone needs to keep track of doing laundry, cleaning up, and their grocery list. So, we’ve allowed anyone to use RenterPeace to track their personal todo list, shopping lists, or bills, even without a roommate. These tools that every renter needs are often scattered across multiple apps but RenterPeace helps organize everything in one easy-to-use place. When you come home, you simply need to open RenterPeace to view everything in your personal life that needs taking care of. Personal management gives you peace of mind, and peace of mind is true freedom.

Helping Landlords

The clunkiness and price of most property management software put them out of reach for a many landlords, especially when they own only a few properties. And these property management websites often have low rates of tenants actually using the software, which makes maintaining properties challenging. That’s why RenterPeace offers a free property management system with strong incentives for tenants to actually use the software to report problems and update their rent information, available on the Android, iOS, and the web. It’s also the first property management system that helps reduce turnover by fixing a common problem that landlords often have no control over – roommate drama. We’ve minimized the amount of data entry required by the landlord, offer tenant screening services, and provide information to help with legal compliance. We even provide some information about government funding for high-risk tenants. Landlords don’t have to live feeling like their investment is a burden. RenterPeace makes it easy to manage properties from anywhere, saving both time and money.