Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to use information to make renting a more peaceful experience by improving transparency and communication with landlords and roommates.


Every person who’s rented an apartment seems to have a crazy story. Whether it’s bickering with roommates about who needs to do the dishes or fighting with with the landlord about getting the door fixed, it usually comes down to bad communication. A few simple online tools can help fix many of these problems. RenterPeace is catered specifically to tenants, making it very convenient to track chores, finances, and get landlords to fix stuff faster. Our app was designed with tons of feedback from tenants, landlords, lawyers, non-profits, and housing commissions. We work to ensure that all of our solutions bring people closer together and reduce conflict.

What about landlords?

We’re co-founded by a landlord who’s frustrated by clunkiness and price of most property management software solutions. That’s why RenterPeace offers a free property management system for landlords with strong incentives for tenants to actually use it to report problems and update their rent information. We’ve minimized the amount of data entry required by the landlord, offer tenant screening services, and provide information to help with legal compliance and funding for high-risk tenants. All of this is presented on a mobile-friendly, modern dashboard that you can check on the go. This means you save time, money, and enjoy a more peaceful renting experience.

Trusted Technology

RenterPeace works hard to ensure our technology is trusted for its privacy, security, and reliability. Co-founded by a certified information privacy professional, we’ve designed every aspect of RenterPeace with the user’s privacy and security as a top priority. Records about apartment issues are stored on a blockchain, preventing missing or tampered data. Our email and SMS delivery providers are large, reputable companies to help ensure delivery. We run thousands of automated and manual tests to spot bugs and other issues. Finally, we’ve designed our systems to be able to quickly push updates to all platforms at once.