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RenterPeace is a free website that provides information and tools to make every part of renting easier.

What Can RenterPeace Do?

Legal Help

Can the landlord raise my rent?
Discrimination against students.
Landlord entering without permission.

Repairs and Issue Fixing

RenterPeace offers legal info and forums for your jurisdiction with the ability to send maintenance requests, document problems, and connect with a tenant association. Learn more.

To-Do List

Remind me to do laundry.
Autoassign dishes between me and roommates.
Replace lightbulbs.

Stay organized

RenterPeace can help auto-assign chores between roommates and help you keep track of your own todos, like laundry and trip planning.

Bills & Expenses

Split take-out with roommate.
Track student loan bill
Track and split the water bill

Manage Household Finances

RenterPeace does the boring math so you don’t. Never forget to pay a bill. Click here for more.

Request Fixes

My roof is leaking.
Fix my washing machine.
AC is not working

No Landlord Buy-In Required

Track your repair and RenterPeace will email your landlord, and keep reminding them until it get fixed. Easy! Learn more.


Buy laundry detergent.
Add milk to the shared list.
Pick up cat food.

Keep Track of Household Items

Auto-organized by the shop. You also can add stuff to shared list, so your roommate or spouse can pick up something if they happen to be at the store.


Ask my building if they also have bed bugs.
Message my roommates.
Tell landlord I'm moving out next month.

Easy Message

RenterPeace has built-in chat, making it easy to communicate and send messages. We can even connect you with a tenant association.

It’s Even Better With the App!

The free app has all the features of the website with the added benefits of app notification reminders, the ability to take pictures directly from your phone, and more! Selected as “Best of” legal apps by ProductHunt.

The Renter’s Smart Assistant


Renterpeace maintains an extensive law library with over 500 articles answering nearly 3000 landlord-tenant law questions, with information for all 50 states and DC. Click here for the full list of categories.

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