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Property Management Simplified

Legal compliance help, maintenance tracking, tenant screening, and more…

Free One-Stop Dashboard

Legal Compliance

Browse a massive law library auto-targeted to your apartment units and maintenance issues. Also learn about discrimination rules, security deposits, evictions, and more.

Tenant Screening

Get credit, criminal, eviction, and income checks on your applications, easily passing the application cost to them. Learn about renter discrimination rules.

Maintenance Tracking

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Manage Your Rent

Keep track of the rent at your properties. For selected regions, we'll help you find local grants to help pay for risky tenants or damages.

Reputation Management

Oversee reviews and ratings of your properties by claiming your units.

Renter Retention

High turnover is expensive and risky. We connect renters with their local community and nearby events, increasing the chance they'll stay longer.

It's Even Better With The App!

Best of legal apps on Android and iOS


Cheap, quality tenant screening with costs that can be directly passed to tenants

Features automatically adjust to your region, including legal articles, local news, and grants.

Simple and easy to navigate. And it's free!

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RenterPeace Property Management is free and takes just a couple minutes to get started.

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