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Roommate Features

Auto-Assign Chores

Stay Organized and Friendly

Shared and Assigned Chores

We’ll auto-assign chores fairly and help ensure your place stays clean and tidy.

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Share Shopping Lists

Save Trips to the Store

Share Apartment Shopping Lists

Add an apartment expense and any roommate who’s at the store can pick it up.

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Split Bills and Expenses

Keep Roommate Finances in Order

The Best Way to Split Apartment Costs

Quickly add roommate expenses after shopping or add an expense directly. Customize how you split.

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Stay Updated on Fixes


Stay Notified About Problems

When a roommate updates the status of a problem, we’ll automatically update you.

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Chat with Other Tenants

Your Tenant Association

Tenant Chat

Chat with other tenants to learn more about your landlord and coordinate actions.

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