Blockchain Validation on Every Page Load

SliceChain™ is a super fast private blockchain designed for preventing data tampering.

SliceChain™ leverages users’ browsers to  constantly hold companies accountable – the system will show a user if the company, or any hackers, have modified your records. It runs invisibly in the background – users’ won’t even realize it’s running and it costs negligible resources from the user’s device. It’s that fast and seamless. Meanwhile, the system will be validating the integrity of that users’ records on every page load. It’s baked in to RenterPeace to demonstrate that legally important documents are safe and secure.

Comparison to Other BlockChain Technologies

SliceChain™ blockchain transactions are generally over 1,000 times faster than BitCoin/Ethereum (milliseconds) and require about 10,000 times less disk space (RenterPeace, for example, only demands from 3 cookies on average – less than 12kb). SliceChain™ is designed to provide users transparency and trust of their data, without sacrificing the privacy and security of the company or relinquishing control of the data into a manipulable, public environment like traditional blockchain.

  • Slicechain doesn’t operate with traditional versions of confirmations. Instead, ledgers are updated instantly, and validations occur after the ledger is updated.
  • The storage space required from the user is 12-20 kb, compared to the 170mb to 200+ GB required by BitCoin and Ethereum.
  • The security of SliceChain is based on traditional user login models – time-tested ways of entering a system. You can easily add two-factor authentication or any advanced authentication to your implementation.
  • Metadata about the total number of transactions and activity is hidden from the user, protecting the privacy and security of your business.
  • No mining is required, avoiding the disastrous environmental consequences of other blockchain technologies.


We’ve didn’t fork BitCoin, but instead rebuilt blockchain technology from scratch. SliceChain eliminates unnecessary features of blockchain technology and focuses on the bare minimum required to create secure data validation. Focusing on data validation and efficiency, we’ve stripped out replication, support for cryptocurrencies, and personal wallets. We also removed full centralization from the equation (and all the fraud, terrorist funding, and black market issues that it comes with), and replaced it with a moderator. It’s a private blockchain, but you still get individual users validating that data has not been changed, while maintaining some control in the maintenance and security of the overall technology. The core technology doesn’t directly support cryptocurrency, mining, proof-of-work are not included, but can be easily added on and fully customized as needed.


RenterPeace licenses the SliceChain™ patent-pending system to companies seeking to demonstrate data integrity to users. SliceChain™ may be particularly helpful for privacy compliance, creating trust with users, banking records, and  recordkeeping for legally sensitive documents. It’s especially powerful for companies seeking more privacy and control over their data. Contact us for more information.