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Neighborhood News & Stories

Browse local stories curated from neighborhood blogs, user posts, and more…

Quality Neighborhood Blogs

We select and geotag posts from the best neighborhood blogs. Just find your city and we'll keep you updated.

Quality User Posts

A carefully-tuned voting system mixes quality, interesting posts from users into your social feed. Share your story!

Friendly Community

Our advanced content moderation system helps block and obscure bad posts, whether they're mean or just boring. It's based on a combination of votes, admin reviews, and AI.

The Social Guestbook

The social guestbook lets you see what previous tenants at your address posted while protecting their (and your) privacy. It's the perfect social media for renters!

It's Even Better With The App!

It’s the perfect app for renters looking to join a new community!


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Millions of renter stories, ranging from housing violations to neighborhood news

Features automatically adjust to your region, including legal articles, local news, and nearby non-profits.

Easily find what you're looking for with our smart search. Just describe nearly any problem in your apartment.


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