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We’ve added a search bar to RenterPeace’s homepage and the app, combined with intelligent recommendations. The comprehensive list of household tools offered by the search functionality makes RenterPeace the most productive smart assistant out there. We’ve also made everyone’s favorite feature (getting legal information) more accessible – you no longer need to log in and there’s better navigation.

Search Functionality

We shifted the central design of RenterPeace from a to-do list to a search bar. It now works similar to Google Search, except instead of showing you websites, we show you action items to help solve your question or problem. We believe this is how smart assistants should be – focused on productivity rather than trivia questions. Type “Do Laundry” to get a suggestion to add Laundry to your todo list. The best part is that it searches both your existing items (like your bills and to-dos) and offers to add them if they aren’t tracked already. This new design is a huge hit – our users love how even more intuitive RenterPeace has become.


How do you get started with RenterPeace? Now, we show you! We offer smart suggestions, tailored your to-dos, your activities, and even your jurisdiction. These recommendations guide you through the large number of features RenterPeace offers, helping you stay productive without first having to learn all the features we offer.

No-Login Previews

Everyone hates creating accounts just to try something out. After some testing, we found this is especially true with our legal help features, where renters just want some basic legal information. To make our app more usable before you log in, we built the ability to guess your location and jurisdiction to figure out applicable laws for you. We also redesigned nearly every part of the app to only ask you to log in at the moment it’s absolutely needed. For example, we need you to make an account so we can save your todo list items securely. Now, you can more easily get what you need from RenterPeace even faster.

Better Navigation of Legal Information

As our legal information became more informative and comprehensive, it also became more overwhelming. Our users requested that the legal information be organized with a table of contents. We now generate a table of contents for each law that instantly auto-updates as we make changes and edits. We also simplified the legal guide for tenants with less text and more actions, some of which are tailored to the jurisdiction. RenterPeace is now that much easier to use.



Renterpeace is the #1 online community  for renters with a number of renter help tools. 

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