Chores, Shopping, and Expenses

RenterPeace is now a more integral part of a busy renter’s life through a full-featured home manager.

We’ve listened to our users and are bringing a major upgrade, RenterPeace 1.0. This upgrade adds chore tracking, shopping lists, expense tracking, a sleeker web interface, and more. These features make RenterPeace more convenient and better suited to handle the variety of problems that come largely from having roommates.

This upgrade doesn’t remove existing features. RenterPeace is still the app you love as the best solution to landlord-tenant problems with documentation, notification, and targeted legal information. All users on all platforms will automatically be upgraded to RenterPeace Squirrel in coming weeks. We thank you for your support and welcome your feedback. See below for a detailed changelog.


New features and improvements

  • Chore tracking. Includes auto-assignment to roommates, an option to track personal errands, and easy repeat setting.
  • Split roommate expenses. Includes visualization, option to set repeating expenses, and easy reconciliation.
  • Track utilities. Includes comparison of prices from month-to-month, with easy roommate splitting and reconciliation.
  • Landlords can view details of each apartment and sort by number of issues, number of tenants, and rent
  • Landlords can now invite tenants
  • Email unsubscribe functionality


  • Radically improved UI with dark background, rounded buttons, less neon-y colors
  • Improved mobile UX, with faster access to features in the menu bar
  • Tenants can now view issues from their old apartments, found in the settings
  • Issues list is clearer and better aligned
  • Admin can track and estimate costs of integrations
  • Improved colors in emails
  • Blockchain validations run asyncronously for faster page loads
  • Faster uploads with background processing and software dependency upgrades
  • Numerous bug fixes


Renterpeace is the #1 online community  for renters with a number of renter help tools. 

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