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We’re very excited to announce this update. RenterPeace now includes a smart assistant that makes home management as easy as a Google search.

Smart Assistant

What is the RenterPeace Smart Assistant?

Version 1.2 of RenterPeace (available on all platforms now) offers a simple, intuitive way to navigate all the app’s features. The interface is now centered around a single search bar, where you can type any problem, question, or task that you want to get done. That’s right – type in nearly anything related to the home. The smart assistant intelligently determines the best tool to solve that issue, and gives you shortcuts to the appropriate feature.

How does it work?

Just sign in and type. Here are some examples:

What you ask What it suggests
“Can my landlord raise the rent?” Legal info about raising the rent and a forum to discuss
“My neighbors are so freakin loud and annoying” Legal info about loud neighbors and options to deal with it
“Laundry” Add laundry to your to-do list
“My roommate is not doing the dishes” Add dishes to the house to-do list, where it can auto-assign the task
“We’re out of milk again” Add milk to your shopping list with the option to repeat
“Kitty litter” Add it to your shopping list
“Remind my roommate to feed to the cat” Either 1) Add it to your to-do list or 2) chat with your roommate
“$30 for pizza” Split the cost of a pizza with your roommates
“Electric bill” Track your electric bill (with the option to share the cost with roommates)
“I want to talk to other tenants” Talk to your tenant association
“Options” View our settings page

But how smart is it? Can I ask it…

We’ve tested it with thousands of common questions from loud neighbors to roommate questions, and it held up well. In fact, we were quite surprised ourselves with how well it handled oddly phrased questions and obscure phrases, allowing us to release this much earlier than we originally planned. And the best part is that it learns and adjusts based on your activity in RenterPeace.  Take the RenterPeace Challenge and see if you can stump RenterPeace when asking it to help solve your problem at home.

Comparison to Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri

If you want to fix a leaky roof, track your water bill and split it with your roommate, or set a schedule to do laundry every week, RenterPeace the best option. If you want to know the weather or how old Obama is, you can ask Google, Alexa, or Siri. RenterPeace is a different category of smart assistant, focused more on getting stuff done around the house and answering questions that impact your life, rather than answering trivia questions.

Additionally, RenterPeace does not offer a voice feature – it’s currently based solely on written input. It’s still as simple as doing a Google search, but instead of presenting you with information, it presents you with options to fix the problem.

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