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Upcoming Changes to RenterPeace (Fall 2019)

Upcoming Changes to RenterPeace (Fall 2019)

We’re excited to announce that we’re making some big changes to RenterPeace. Here’s what we have in store…

Splitting Up RenterPeace

RenterPeace is packed with various features, from legal help information to home information to local news. To make it easier for you to navigate and to access your favorite feature, we’re chopping up RenterPeace’s features and splitting it up into different apps. We will launch web apps for each of the below and slowly roll out applicable mobile apps for Android and iOS. 

A single login (your existing one) will work across all the personal apps and your data will be linked across these apps. The landlord account will continue to be a separate login from the personal account. 

After we split up RenterPeace, the apps will be available as follows:


Our renter rights features will continue to be called RenterPeace. Here, you can access legal help information, track your issues, and find local renter rights organizations.


Our home productivity tools (chore tracking, shopping lists, and bill reminders) will be collected in an app called HomeMinder. This app will be dedicated to helping people keep track of their homes. We are also removing our current “add-on” system that limits the use of these features and adding a personal scratchpad to take some quick notes.


Our existing local news features will be available in an app called NeighborTalk. This will build on our existing social functionality with new options to bookmark your favorite posts and better manage your posts’ settings. We’ll also be working on generating Twitter and Facebook accounts for major cities so you can easily follow local news on your favorite platforms.


Our apartment guestbook feature will be folded into NestBook – an apartment listing and review site. In addition to the reviews, ratings, and guestbook entries found there already, you’ll start to see pictures of apartments, information about who to call if you want to rent an apartment, and more.

Property Manager by RenterPeace

Landlords will continue to have access to a free property management system. This system will link with tenants using RenterPeace – landlords can continue to message their tenants, keep track of rent payments, and more. We’re adding the ability for landlords to manage their apartment listing on NestBook so they can easily find new tenants.

Interface Changes

Wait… there’s more! By splitting up RenterPeace, we’re able to simplify navigation and make the user experience much simpler. We’re completely redesigning the site to make everything easier to use and find. Changes include a location bar to easily switch your region, tabbed navigation, dashboards for each app, more relevant actions when clicking the “Add” button, and much more. Our goal is to make everything intuitive and powerful.

When is it coming?

We’re hoping to start rolling out these changes before Thanksgiving.


Renterpeace is the #1 online community  for renters with a number of renter help tools. 

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