What is a Tenant Association?

Do you hang out with your neighbors and complain about your landlord? Congratulations, you’re already in a tenant association! A tenant association is like a union of renters who band together against landlords. You don’t have to have any formal documents or register anywhere – it’s just a fancy name for working together to protect your rights.

1. Share Information

When working together and sharing information about similar problems, solving the problem becomes a little easier. Are you the only person in your building that is having a roach problem? Are other units also missing smoke detectors? Do you want to prevent a high rise from being built across the street? Power in numbers – you know more as a group and you can do more as group, whether with your landlord or with your neighborhood.

2. Get Problems Fixed Faster

Often landlords will get a few isolated complaints about a problem, not knowing how prevalent it is. When working together with your neighbors, you can present to the landlord how widespread the rodent problem is, or how many tenants are losing sleep over that barking dog. A unified voice helps your landlord quickly understand when a problem is severe versus when it is the result of one or two oversensitive tenants.

3. Dirt Cheap Legal Options

RenterPeace helps tenants avoid legal disputes in the first place, but what happens if you’re truly dealing with a callous slumlord? Paying the cost of legal fees for housing problems, especially minor ones, is impossible for most tenants. But instead of paying $200 per hour, what if you were able to hire a lawyer for $20/hr, or even $2/hr? That’s what you get if you ask a lawyer to represent your tenant association as a group, and split the costs between everyone in your new collective.

4. Setting Up Fun Events

It doesn’t all have to be a battle! Tenant associations are just renters that are friends. Set up a block party, go dog walking together, or meet people in your area. Neighbors can be great!

5. Getting Special Legal Benefits

In some areas like DC, tenant associations have additional benefits granted by the government. For example, in DC, before a landlord can sell your building, they have to offer the building to the you and the other tenants. In order to exercise this right, you do have to fill out paperwork and legally register your tenant association.

How to Form a Tenant Association Today

It can be hard to reach out to your neighbors and get groups and meetings started. People have different schedules and most people want to simply rest when they get home. Most tenant associations are started by knocking on neighbors’ doors or leaving flyers in mailboxes, but even still, it can be hard to rally your neighbors to meet in person. It can be nearly impossible to track down people who share the same landlord if you don’t live in the same or nearby buildings.

RenterPeace offers the first digital tenant association, making it super easy to locate others who share the same landlord. We link everyone together into a chatroom with strong privacy features – you’ll be anonymous unless you choose to reveal your identity. It’s completely free and makes banding together super easy. You can even see charts and graphs showing the types of problems your co-tenants have complained about. With RenterPeace, it’s super easy to protect your rights.

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