How to Deal with a Messy Roommate

Living with roommates can be a great way to get the housing quality and location you want for the price you can afford – plus, it can be fun to have friends right in your living room when you get home! But cohabitation comes with its own set of challenges, too. The one we hear about most often? Roommates who never do the dishes. Or mop the floor, or clean the bathroom, or do any of the regular maintenance that makes living space livable.

Deciding Who Does What

Even if nagging worked (which it usually doesn’t), communication is one of the biggest hurdles while you and your roommates balance all the other stresses of work, school, or social obligations. So, how do you deal with a messy roommate without becoming the unofficial mom of your apartment? The trick is to set up a system that continuously schedules and delegates chores for you. No need to argue about who needs to do it! That’s where RenterPeace comes in.

Setting a Schedule

Our To-Do List feature is your own communal, digital chore chart. When you add a household task that repeats periodically, it just takes two taps to share the responsibility with your roommates and set the app to auto-assign it however often it needs to get done. From that moment on, you never have to remind your roommate to do a chore again. And you won’t forget when it’s your turn. We’ll notify each of you whenever it’s your responsibility to wash the dishes, clean out the litter box, wipe down the stove, or whatever chore that never seems to get done.

Getting and Giving Credit

Most messiness starts with an honest intention to contribute but forgetfulness comes in the way. Renterpeace makes it easy to nudge your roommate without being passive-aggressive. Whenever someone completes a shared chore, the roommates are notified with a message,  such as, “Sarah completed the dishes.” It’s a neutral message that’s obviously autogenerated – this avoids the awkwardness of complaining how much work you do. The roommate gets a sense of how much you contribute, encouraging them to pitch in as well. They know you’ll get notified, encouraging them to do pick up stuff around the house even no one’s watching. These gentle nudges are a subtle trick that really works.

Start Today

Track a Chore
Option to autoassign

Living with roommates is the new normal. Make yours a happy and clean home with a tool that fits your lifestyle. Get started now.





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