International Support and Gdpr

Version 1.2 of RenterPeace enables users from around the world to join RenterPeace.

Why are you opening RenterPeace internationally?

RenterPeace would previously block users outside the US. However, potential users complained and asked why they couldn’t use some of the features of RenterPeace since only one main feature was US-specific – legal information. For example, locality doesn’t matter much when our users track their todos in the app. Still, making RenterPeace work internationally required more behind-the-scenes work to get right (e.g., getting timestamps correctly to work outside of the US can be complicated and difficult to test). But, we listened to our users and built some initial support for international users.

What productivity and financial features do you offer non-US users?

Good news! All productivity and financial features are available internationally. We modified our code to intelligently detect international time zones and currencies based on country, making reminders and expense tracking possible. We also allow all users (US and non-US) to change their timezone and currency in the settings page. For now, the currency only affects the symbols appearing in front of transactions (e.g., $ vs. £)

What legal features do you have for non-US users?

We worked hard to make as much of the app functional for non-US users, especially with our legal tools. Users anywhere can track issues, post in a forum with others in their region who have similar problems, notify their landlords, and more. We do not yet have any legal information or research for non-US countries, so in the meantime, users can rely on the forum with other local users. In addition, the method to report problems is very country-specific, so we had to disable that functionality as well. As we add more legal features, some of them may not be compatible internationally.

What languages do you support?

Unfortunately, we currently only offer support for English. We are hoping to add more languages soon, starting with Spanish.

What about GDPR?

One important change to opening up internationally was working to become fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (and equivalent laws). We’ve:

  • Updated our terms and privacy policy
  • Reviewed our third parties and vendors, ensuring we have data processing agreements and they have strong security
  • Decided to voluntarily maintain GDPR Article 30 style documentation
  • Submitted a self-certification with Privacy Shield
  • Redesigned certain features for more explicit consent
  • Prepared to comply with data subject requests
  • and more

We’ve always been extremely proud of our privacy practices and level of security. Please visit our privacy policy for more information. No really, it includes specific examples in layman terms of how we protect your data and stories of how these protections have helped or will help protect your privacy. If you have any questions, please reach us at