8 February 2017, Shaq Kalaka stands for a portrait.


Chief Executive Officer
Shaq is a lawyer and data scientist. He designs RenterPeace's legal help tools and coordinates partnerships with associations and governments. A winner of Uber's Celebrating Cities Hackathon, he also uses his technical skills to help oversee the design and development of the software behind RenterPeace.


Chief Technology Officer
Sujata is a software developer with over 20 years of experience, a landlord managing her own rental homes, and an experienced real estate businesswoman. She leads the development of the website and apps, while providing the perspective of landlords and the business side of the rental market.


Chief Operating Officer
Carmela has spent a decade in business operations, market research, and talent management. She leads Operations and Business Development for RenterPeace, and is proud to be cultivating a solution to an age-old problem. To everyone’s dismay, she hasn’t yet convinced Valkyrie to join her at networking events.
headshot i guess


Communications Director
Hannah is a writer and communications professional. Driven by a love of social justice, she’s worked in the public sector for most of her career. For the same reason, she was drawn to RenterPeace as an elegant solution to a persistent problem. Hannah writes web copy, blog posts, social media posts, and generally helps RenterPeace tell stories.
verin (1)


As RenterPeace's outside counsel, Verin advises on regulatory compliance and general legal questions. He also helps RenterPeace research landlord-tenant laws and available grants for landlords.


Chief Evangelism Officer
She chases shadows and gets stuck in boxes, contributing very little to RenterPeace. But she claims she owns 10% of the company because we started it her incubator. So here we are.


Social Media Strategy

Dan Lomask

Dan is a social media expert who helps RenterPeace on questions of digital strategy, content moderation, and marketing.

Technology for social good

Grant Nelson

Grant is a co-founder of MEANS, an app celebrated by Starbucks for helping eliminate food waste. He helps RenterPeace strategize on how to effectively use software to empower those in need.

Housing Policy

Nathan Grace

As an urban planner, Nathan helps RenterPeace think about the macro-level effects of landlord-tenant problems on the health of cities and communities.