Social Moderation


We use automated and human checks to make sure content posted on RenterPeace is productive and friendly. Of course, we permit the typical rant about landlords but we don’t permit personal threats, hate speech, or attacks.

You're in control

Smarter Privacy

Your posts are visible immediately so renters can comment and give you tips but they don’t get linked to your apartment until later. These default rules intelligently stagger the privacy of your posts to balance a social experience with the threat of your landlord and roommates don’t find out. You have full control of this default behavior from the settings and for each individual post. Of course, the stuff you expect to be private, like your chores and bills, are private (you have an option to share these items with your roommates).

Keeping Your Data Safe

Keeping It Secure

We take security seriously. That’s why we use SSL everywhere, one-way hash all passwords with individual salts per account, undergo periodic independent testing of our systems, and more. We designed our systems to deploy patches and updates nearly instantly across all platforms. It’s a group effort, so we make sure we only work with trusted parties (e.g., a bulk of user data is hosted with Heroku).

Real users

Fighting Bots

Nobody wants to read spam and fake apartment reviews. That’s why we have multiple levels of protection in place to detect, discourage, and block fake users.