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Privacy by Design

Notice and Choice

RenterPeace was founded by a certified privacy professional, so privacy has been a priority from day one. We’ve adopted the International Association of Privacy Professional’s best practice of “privacy-by-design”, ensuring that privacy is baked into every stage of our app. For example, we provide short, easy to understand privacy bullet points (known as “just-in-time notices”) next to areas where you submit information, so you know exactly who it’s shared with. Privacy is not some document a lawyer said we need to have on our webpage, but something that we integrate with the user experience of our products.


We also care deeply about the security of our data. We include a number of intelligent fraud protection mechanisms, especially against landlords that make fake tenant accounts. We even developed a patent-pending technology that shows you that our records haven’t been tampered with. Of course, we also have the basics. From day one, we’ve been using SSL encryption, one-way hashed, encrypted passwords, and expiring urls for uploaded media and documents.

Revolutionary Data Integrity

Blockchain Validation on Every Page Load

SliceChain™, works almost instantly while you use RenterPeace, ensuring that your data hasn’t been tampered with. If nothing is wrong, you’ll never even know that your browser has been constantly validating that your data hasn’t been tampered. SliceChain™ uses your browser to  constantly hold us accountable – the app will throw an alert if we, or any hackers, have modified your records.

How to Hold Us Accountable

SliceChain™ validates a handful of our records at a time and rotates constantly. SliceChain™ requires that we have a dashboard to show exactly what data has been validated, when, and how many times. This transparency allows more tech-saavy users to test the system’s validations and hold us accountable. SliceChain™ stores blockchain codes (i.e., the hashes) in your cookies. Modify the value of a cookie that starts with “block_”, and you’ll see an error (warning – do this more than a handful of times and the system may flag your account as malicious). To ensure that the system isn’t saving only block codes of non-tampered records, you’re free to save any of these cookies and test them at any time.


The SliceChain™ patent-pending system is open to licensing to any company that seeks to similarly prove their data integrity to users. SliceChain™ blockchain transactions generally over 1,000 times faster than BitCoin/Ethereum (milliseconds) and requires about 10,000 times less disk space (all it demands from users is 3 cookies, or up to 12kb). The entire system runs in background while the user navigates a site or app, seamlessly, and without distraction. You can inquire about the technology here.

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Reputable Message Delivery

SendGrid and Twilio

We know how important it is legally that landlords and tenants receive notices sent from our app. We do not deliver emails or text messages ourselves, but instead rely on two of the biggest names, respectively, in those industries. For emails, we use SendGrid, the same company that processes emails for companies like eBay, NextDoor, and Foursquare. For text messages, we use Twilio, the same company that sends text messages for Trulia, Avvo, Netflix, and Expedia. You have enough to worry about, so we sought out the most trusted companies to deliver your communication.


We’ve carefully designed our application logic to ensure that the right people have access to see the right things. We know that tenants might share sensitive information, such as the fact that their lock is broken, and have made complex design decisions to ensure our users stay safe. We anticipated landlords creating fake tenant accounts to improve their own reputation or join into tenant chatrooms, and created a number of safeguards to help guard against that practice.

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