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Tenant Features

Get Things Fixed

Document and Notify

Faster Fixes, Less Effort

Track your apartment problems, secured on the blockchain, where you’ll always have access.

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Law Library

Customized For You

Targeted legal information

Flag a problem and it’s one click away to seeing the applicable laws for your problem and jurisdiction.

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Chore Manager

Customizable for You

A Shared Home Todo List

Auto-assign chores between roommates, easily set repeating schedules, and quickly postpone if you’re too busy.

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Shopping Lists

Never Run Out

Streamline Your Errands

Shopping lists are automatically organized by location to make doing errands easy and intuitive.

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Split Expenses

Fast and easy

Split Expenses with Roommates

Split expenses directly after completing your shopping list or add expenses directly.

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Track Bills

Spot Sudden Hikes in Bills

Keep Track of Your Bills

Keep track of your bills and split them with your roommates.

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