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Manage Your Chores


A complete apartment manager with chore tracking, expense splitting, and bill tracking.

RenterPeace – Track your chores, split expenses, and track your bills. Great for single tenants or roommates!

Making Chores Way Easier

Just open RenterPeace when you get home and see everything that needs to get done in one list, whether it’s a personal todo (e.g., “Laundry”) or an chore assigned to you.

Share with Roommates

We’ll help auto-assign chores between you and your roommates. Don’t worry, if you can’t do it this round, then you can easily reassign the chore. You can even leave a note for next time (for example, let your roommate know where you left the extra sponges).

Simple Scheduling

Setting a repeating chore or expense is both easy and highly customizable. RenterPeace fits any schedule. And it’s super fast to postpone or reschedule.

It’s all free… and we help get your apartment problems fixed too!

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