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Get Problems Fixed Quickly


The best app for tenant rights. Track issues, see relevant law, and chat with other tenants.

RenterPeace – designed with advice from lawyers, housing commissions, and non-profits to get problems fixed quickly without escalating conflict

Document and Notify… the Right Way

Take pictures and notes about your problem straight from your phone. The landlord gets a friendly email (cc’ing you and your roommates) with the details about the issue, the relevant law for your jurisdiction, and a rating showing how bad your apartment is. We store all this data on our patent-pending blockchain, so you’ll always have access and can trust your documentation never gets lost.

One Click To See Relevant Laws

Next to each problem is a law button. Click it and we’ll instantly match you with the applicable law for your area and your problem. If we don’t have the law for your region yet, a user-submitted comment section lets tenants share helpful resources, such as local help lines for landlord-tenant questions.

Chat with Other Tenants

We match you with other tenants that have the same landlord in an anonymous chatroom. It’s the first digital “Tenant Association” (a fancy word for a group of tenants who have the same landlord). By working together, you can learn how many people are affected by a problem and negotiate more effectively for fixes and amenities.

Helping Landlords Help You

We give landlords free tools to help them manage their properties and get things fixed faster and cheaper. A dashboard helps them see the most urgent issues that need fixing, easily communicate with tenants, and view information about grants and legal compliance that can save them money on fixing problems.

It’s all free… and we also help you track chores and expenses!

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