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Legal Help and Repairs

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The RenterPeace smart assistant matches you with tools tailored for your problem and jurisdiction, including legal information, making a maintenance request, and connecting you with a tenant association.

  • “No heat in the apartment”
  • “Can a landlord charge me more for having a pet?”
  • “Landlord won’t rent to black people”
  • “My neighbors are too loud.”
  • “I get street harassed in my neighborhood”
  • “The property manager is refusing to give me back my deposit”

Everything You Need for Faster Fixes

Search for your problem and get legal information for your jurisdiction and problem. It’s all presented in layman terms, with links to helpful resources where appropriate. You can even comment and exchange stories with others who have similar problems in your area. We currently have legal information for over 60 categories of problems in every area of the 50 states. We are working on providing more summaries of specific state and local laws.

Track your issue and notify your landlord with a click of a button. The notifications are non-confrontational, using friendly but firm language (you can always have us send the email to you first to preview it). These emails include pictures, the history of updates to the problems, and even a brief copy of the applicable law to that problem and jurisdiction. We help landlords by auto-prioritizing issues in their apartments for them and sending them periodic reminders.

Easily discuss with others who have similar problems in your area. Each problem category and jurisdiction has its own forum, which is magically made available by just typing in your problem or question. This allows you to read stories, advice, and tips that will be the most helpful and relevant to you. Each forum is ranked Reddit-style with upvotes and downvotes, allowing you to quickly see the most helpful and interesting comments first.

Landlords, property managers, and maintenance staff can sign into RenterPeace to get information about grants and funding to make fixes (in select areas only), information about legal compliance, chat, and issue tracking to make it easy to manage their properties. A majority of landlords in the US only less than 5 apartment units and have no formal training, so these free tools help make it easier for them to help you.

Receive an app notification like, “Your roommate has updated the status of Power Went Out to Solved”. It’s extremely easy to track issues and connect with your roommate, significant other, and landlord. When you update the status of a problem or repair, the people you’ve connected with get updates, either through app notifications or email.

We generate a tenant association for you. A tenant association is a group of tenants who share the same landlord and communicate with each other. When you connect with your landlord, we also connect you with anonymous chatroom with all the tenants who also have the same landlord. It’s easy to discuss whether a problem is prevalent across all the landlord’s properties, to coordinate the sharing of legal fees if something escalates, or to discuss that loud neighbor. It can be positive too – some people use the chatroom to discuss community events and to announce they’re giving away some stuff when they move out.

Document your problems with RenterPeace and you’ll always have access. You can take pictures, write notes, and select a “Severity” level for the issue. We store it securely with patent-pending blockchain technology, and show you the entire timeline of changes. Soon, we’ll offer the ability to generate reports that can be useful as courtroom documents.

Depending on the jurisdiction, we can help explain how to report problems to authorities. Our guide explains some of the risks of reporting problems, when it’s appropriate, and what to expect.

Not a Lawyer Replacement

RenterPeace is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. Our law articles and information are simply tagged with problem type and jurisdiction, and made searchable, but are not otherwise customized for an individual user’s situation. While we do our best to cite sources and provide useful tips and information, we do not guarantee our information is accurate, complete, up-to-date, or applicable to your situation. You should always consult a lawyer if you’re seeking legal advice. For this reason, any direct inquiries to our staff about specific housing or other legal questions will not be answered. Users may exchange tips and information with each other in a public forum, but we do not monitor the quality of these posts, except to remove harmful or infringing content and by providing an upvote/downvote feature.