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Shopping & Bills


The best way to split roommate expenses and bills.

It’s like Splitwise for Roommates.

RenterPeace – the easiest app to track apartment finances

Making Errands Easy

Add a shopping list item and we’ll categorize it by location, making it easy to see your errands at a glance. It’s easy to set an item to repeat on your schedule, so you can make sure you never run out of cleaning supplies, toiletries, and groceries.

Share and Split Expenses with Roommates

You can share items with your roommates so anyone can pick up stuff for the apartment while they’re at the store. Once you’re done, RenterPeace helps you quickly split the cost. You can always directly add and split an expense outside of the shopping list (for example, if you and your roommates ordered pizza together).

Track Expenses and Bills

Track your expenses and bills, with tools to quickly split them with your roommates and repeat recurring bills. It’s easier than Splitwise for roommates, and even includes graphs to help you visualize where your money is going.

It’s all free… and RenterPeace also helps you track chores and apartment issues!

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