New DC Bill Could Make Things Worse for Homeless Families

a person's feet with a bag and skateboard on the sidewalk

“There is mold in my unit and in the building. My kitchen has flooded, my hall closet has flooded, and my ceiling has flooded. There is mold growing because no repairs were made in time. I bought rental insurance and put in a claim for the damage from the flooding, but…they can’t get in contact […]

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What is a Tenant Association?

Do you hang out with your neighbors and complain about your landlord? Congratulations, you’re already in a tenant association! A tenant association is like a union of renters who band together against landlords. You don’t have to have any formal documents or register anywhere – it’s just a fancy name for working together to protect […]

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Why Do So Many Landlords Neglect Everyday Apartment Problems?

We’ve all experienced it: The broken heater. The leaky tub. The neighbor playing his dubstep-polka records at top volume until 4 a.m. The apartment problem that isn’t an emergency, but drives you bonkers because no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get it fixed. And since no one wants to seem whiney, we […]

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